Seaman Mineral Museum at MTU
July 16, 2009
Today we're heading into Houghton with the whole crew to check out the very cool rocks and minerals at the Seaman Mineral Museum at Michigan Tech (MTU). I like their funny shoplifting sign in the gift shop. I suspect lots of little kids are very tempted.
They have an unbelievably large collection of specimens (over 5,000), and I hear that they have way more than what's on display in the back rooms (over 26,000 in total). It's hard to pick a favorite, but they are known for their copper and iron pieces.
A few shops downtown are always fun to stop in at. This year they've torn up the main street while its repaved with bricks. Quite a mess, but the new surface looks pretty sweet.
The downtown international market is our new favorite destination. All kinds of very cool items from Japan, China, India, and more. Monica had to get some Pocky and sweet bean rice balls. We'll be coming back a lot this summer.
Plenty of cool sites on the drive back to Bootjack.