Exploring Gay, dining at the Dreamland, and bonfire in Jacobsville
July 17, 2009
It's a great morning to go exploring around Gay, home of the Gay Bar, the Gay Parade, and other sites. I often ride my bike through this tiny little town, that I suspect doesn't have a single gay person in it.
A few cute photos from Monica on the way back to the cabins.
It's been a really long day in the saddle, as you can see from the huge salt stains on my arm warmers. It was a great ride out to Copper City via Brockway Mountain Drive, and back through Lac La Belle and Gay. Can't wait to put in some quality recovery time.
Monica is such a rad biker.
Family, friends, food, and fun at the local eatery after a great day. They got it right when they named it the Dreamland.
The Multers and the Peysers enjoying one of our ritual bonfires over in Jacobsville by the south entry. It's not like we perform human sacrifices, but we might practice a few pagan rituals. Gracie does look like she's doing some ancient dances.
My name is Doug, and I am the master of fire!
The Keweenaw Star and its partying boatload of passengers goes out for its usual sunset cruise. Always good for a nice wave. Meanwhile Charlotte does her own bit of dancing. Gotta love it in da U.P. don cha know.