Exploring at the Freda Mill and an evening with the Marshall Tucker Band
July 24, 2009
The old mill in Freda is always a fun place for exploring. Lots of busted up old buildings, old copper ore, a beach full of twisted wires, tons of beach glass. What's not to love? It's also a beautiful drive through the woods, and Lake Superior is always a treat.
Charlotte's all excited about our concert tonight at the old Calumet Theatre. The Marshall Tucker Band is playing and George has joined us for the fun. The band is awesome, but it's really hard to suffer through the vocals of the original lead singer. He's had throat issues over the years, and clearly he's lost the old magic. The rest of his band both sings and plays spectacularly. I'm not much of a MST fan, but it's definitely a great band.
There's some cool fog laying along the lake on the drive home.
And of course Gabe has managed to catch a nice bass while we were out.