Family photos, party, and race
July 26, 2009
It's big family get together time as everyone is here at the same time. It's great to have Lynn and Greg over as well.
Getting everyone to stand still for such a big group photo is quite the trick. Monica gets the award for weirdest face.
It's not really anyone's party, but we are celebrating a lot of 5s in everyone's age. Gordon is coming up on 85, Charlotte and George hit 50 this year, the rest are still doing the 50s thing. I'm the baby and have a few more years before that big event. Gordon celebrates with his first drink after 18 years. After one sip, he let Kim finish it. Pretty funny.
Then it's time to see who's the fastest in the camp. We already knew it was Gordon, but it's really fun to see everyone battle it out. Kim was the comic relief, and even Greg joined in for one of the events. Totally hilarious.
And finally a little hiking and waterfall action to finish up the day.