Hiking Bare Bluff and swinging around in Jacobsville
July 31, 2009
Charlotte and I are headed to Bete Gris to check out a remote hiking area called Bare Bluff. This is practically the farthest point on the Keweenaw and the views are spectacular. Some of the hiking is quite a scramble as we scale the cliffs. It's nice to find a hike with some real elevation here in Northern Michigan.
Back at camp, Nick enjoys himself with waterskiing while Gracie watches from the lake. She is such a water dog. We also discovered this year that part of the old barge in front on Rice's place broke off and moved in front of our place. Now that's something we're going to have to keep track of.
Then it's off to the south entry for some family fun. Nick looks like he enjoyed the boat trip with his uncle George.
Nick and Lindsey have a blast jumping off the swings down at Jacobsville, then it's time to battle. I think Nick should surrender immediately.
Caroline enjoys herself at a slightly more mellow pace.
The sport of swing jumping catches on with the rest of the kids. Gabe shows us some of his technique, along with Doug and Zach. Gabe took a pretty bad spill when he was running with Nick. His knee may be bleeding, but it hasn't slowed him down any.
Monica has been looking forward to jumping off the pier. A nice wake from the Keweenaw Star is the perfect excuse.