Monica and the girls do a road trip to Copper Harbor
August 3, 2009
Monica takes Lindsey and the girls out for a drive to the northern tip of the Keweenaw. There are plenty of sights to take in along the way. First stop is the rock place along the highway. Lindsey has the great expressions ever.
I know Monica really likes Cliff Cemetery a lot. It's a great setting hidden away in the woods.
Then a few shots at the bridge into Eagle River.
Another favorite spot is the Jam Pot. Those monks really rock, but don't cross them by parking where you aren't supposed to. And watch out for that rum cake.
Checking out the shore and the wildflowers as the group continues north along the coast.
There are lots of fun little shops to explore in Copper Harbor. That Lindsey is just priceless.
The crew heads up Brockway Mountain for the obligatory view. I'm sure Monica took a picture of the stuffed wolf just for her friend Clara.
Back at camp it's time to relax with some tubing. Tomorrow Charlotte and Monica start the long drive back home. Thank you Bootjack for another great summer!