Kayaking with Nick on his birthday
October 10, 2009
The family is heading down to San Luis Obispo to spend the weekend with Nick for his birthday. Nick was up for some kayaking over at Morro Bay, and everyone else is excited to enjoy the day on the water as well. Everybody into their kayaks!
Plenty of cool birds are out today enjoying the sunshine.
It's a lot of work paddling all day, especially with strong currents in some directions. Gabe takes a break occasionally, while pelicans and sea lions are diving and jumping after bait fish.
We get a welcome break on the beach across the bay. The kids have fun rolling and jumping around in the sand, while Charlotte and I do a bit of exploring. Back to the boats for the paddle home!
After a stop for lunch, it's back to Nick's apartment for presents and cake. Charlotte made prints of a few great photos to help decorate his walls. I think he really liked them.