Enjoying San Francisco before the Nike Women's Marathon
October 17, 2009
Tomorrow is the start of the Nike Women's Marathon, but today is an opportunity for the ladies to enjoy San Francisco. A few shots from the hotel as the fog clears and the day awaits.
Charlotte always enjoys Chinatown, and today she has a special interest in people's apartment windows. The underwear on display is pretty funny.
It looks like they're making their way through North Beach and can't resist the pastries along the way.
A quick pass by the SF Art Institute and down the hill to Fisherman's Wharf. Don't ask me what the deal is with that toilet.
Welcome to tourist central, home to scary street performers and tons of candy and seafood.
Looks like the fog is still hanging on over by the Golden Gate Bridge. And yes, that is a million sea lions that have taken over the docks.
Looks like there's lots of action downtown including music, a kids marching drum band, and art on display. They're also busy building an ice skating rink. Not what I would expect in downtown San Francisco.
Then it's back up through Nob Hill to the hotel. Looks like a wedding party had some fun with a passing fire truck, and I'm hoping Charlotte didn't stop by the Nob Hill Theater to check out the revue.
Today was walk like a girl, and tomorrow it's time to run like a girl.