Exploring lava and volcanoes in Hawaii
December 19, 2009
After another spinning class, it's time to explore the lava caves along this cool walking path at the Mauna Lani. Fancy running into Charlotte out for a run!
Charlotte and Monica continue their exploration out to the point.
Today we're headed south to check out the volcanoes. There are a few funny sights along the way, but overall it's just a really long drive in dreary weather.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was pretty cool, even if we didn't see any red hot magma, and it was raining, and everyone was grumpy after the long drive. It sure was one big smoking hole in the ground. The walk through the lava tube was definitely very cool. It reminded me of the copper mines in Michigan.
After a long drive home through Hilo, it's time to enjoy some well earned relaxation in the pool with my swim buddy Gabe.