Adventures in Yellowstone - Day 2
February 24, 2010
We enjoyed yesterday in Yellowstone, but only had part of the day and didn't explore the whole park. Today we'll head all the way through Lamar Valley and the north eastern entrance. The road from Gardiner out to Cooke City is the only road open to cars, so we make the most of the beautiful drive. I thought I would throw some photos of the cars totally loaded with camera gear, food, and clothes that we'll be using on our trip. Mark's in the Outback and we're in the Tahoe.
Monica and Mark are busy getting shots of pooping coyotes and some bison having no trouble staying warm.
One of my favorite places to snowshoe is around Pebble Creek. I think Monica enjoyed the area also. Who doesn't enjoy exploring the mountains in snowshoes.
Monica is really enjoying using the 400mm DO lens.