Hiking Bryce Canyon, then off to the North Rim
August 29, 2010
We arrived in Bryce Canyon yesterday, so it's time to dive into a new National Park to see what it has to offer. It's a spectacular morning and a good chance to capture some great lighting.
This is easily the most unique hike I've ever done. Everywhere you look there are amazing rock formations. The colors and quiet trails lead you on a wonderfully meandering path. We spend most of the day exploring as many areas as we can find.
On the way out we decide to squeeze in another hiking trail over at Fairyland Point. We don't get very far before we decide to take a little ridge path off the main trail for a nice view.
I decide to scramble down by some rocks and wind up stumbling on a hiker that fell and hurt himself. It was an amazing piece of luck that I found him, as it appears he was unconscious for at least two hours. He was wobbly, bleeding badly, and appeared to have broken his collarbone. We help him back to his car, then we both drive back to the ranger station to get him some help. It sure feels great having a chance to save someone, I wish him the best.
Charlotte wanted to stop at this touristy cave on our drive out, but it's closed and we continue on to the mighty Grand Canyon.
After a long drive, we check in at the lodge and then drive out to Cape Royal. Now that is one big hole in the ground!
It's blowing like a hurricane back at the lodge, but we manage to tough it out long enough for a somewhat decent view of the sunset.