Another Early Bird Criterium for Gabe
January 30, 2011
Gabe did very well at last week's Early Bird Criterium, and we're back again for another race. The field is quite a bit smaller given the rain today, but it looks like SJBC is here with a few of their best. I wish they had shown up at the group ride for SJBC we did together yesterday, so they would have known him and they could have worked together.
And they're off! Fortunately the rain has stopped, though everyone is definitely getting a face full of dirt. The SJBC broke off from the pack on the second lap and have been powering ever since. The chase group is a little slow to start working together, but it's good to see Gabe and a few others taking turns at the front.
These guys definitely earned the win by a comfortable margin. Two of them did the Pro/1/2/3 race later in the day I think.
Here comes Gabe to take 3rd place in his pack, for a sixth overall. A nice effort after a hard 50 miles with SJBC yesterday.