Central Coast Circuit race
March 12, 2011
This weekend we're off to Fort Ord for the Central Coast Circuit race. There's no junior category, but Gabe is hopeful that this will be a good race to try out riding with the Elite 5 men. Simon, Joe, and a turkey are there to welcome Gabe to the race.
There are a few fellow SJBC riders joining Gabe, though unfortunately his new kit didn't make it in time for the race. Here are a few shots from around the course. Gabe is doing very well staying at the front along with Tim.
There were a few crashes on the downhill part of the course, including a guy that went down right next to Gabe. The last 2 riders to fall got hurt pretty seriously, so they've stopped the race while emergency personnel do everything they can.
Meanwhile Charlotte visits the mayhem to see how the riders are doing, and when they'll restart the race. After an hour, everyone does one final lap before they call it a day. Gabe wisely didn't push it and happily finished at the back of the first pack.