Podium at the Salinas Criterium
March 20, 2011
Gabe raced at the Central Coast Circuit race again yesterday, and we lucked out with a break in the weather. It looks like the luck continues today at the Salinas Criterium. Gabe is very excited about today's race as he's finally wearing his super cool SJBC kit.
Gabe leads everyone around on the way out, but Dylan and the Tieni Duro guys quickly blow things wide open. It's great to see Gabe working his butt off to catch the break. A few guys try to hang on his wheel, but they fall off pretty quickly.
Dylan waits up for his teammate and picks up Gabe as well. It's a pretty tough strategic position to be in for Gabe, but he's gotta feel good hanging with two strong Cat 3 riders.
They make a big effort on the upwind leg and drop Gabe pretty hard. He's got quite a few laps of very hard time trialing now to hold his position, but totally kills it. He managed to keep pace a few hundred yards back from the front two, and extends his lead on the rest of the pack.
Awesome effort and a third place finish!