A wet day at the Land Park Criterium
March 26, 2011
We're up in Sacramento for a weekend of racing, and today is the Land Park Criterium. We left a gigantic storm back in Santa Cruz, and the raining starting coming down pretty hard once the race started here also. Today's race is an open junior's field, so there are quite a few very fast guys out there. Dylan takes an early break, but is later joined by Alex. Gabe hangs in there for most of the race, but the accelerations take their toll towards the end. Tim did a nice job hanging in there especially considering that he raced Cat 5 first thing in the morning.
Alex manages to take Dylan at the line. Unfortunately Ryan had some bad luck and finished a few back in the chasing pack.
I think Gabe is just glad he's heading back to the car to dry off and get warm.