A windy day at Bariani road race
March 27, 2011
We're in the Sacramento area for another day of racing at the Bariani road race. The weather is still threatening, but I think the rain is finally over. Of course the roads are still pretty wet and the pavement is pretty chewed up. Ethan gets a nice break early in the Cat 5 race of three laps with a ton of wind on the course.
Charlotte is enjoying the fields and olive trees on our walk along the course.
Two fields of women are out on the course at the same time as the men, and everyone looks like they are working really hard. Gabe got a little dizzy after the first lap and had to drop back a bit. Looks like he found someone to work with at least for a little while.
Ethan did a nice job of taking the win in the sprint, while the women have one more lap to go. Then comes the rest of the main pack for the men's final finish.
And here comes our young rider Gabe!