Driving to Michigan - Yellowstone and Grand Teton
June 20, 2008
The next stop is one of my favorite areas, Grand Teton national park. It was quite a few years ago when Charlotte, Lynn, and I went backpacking up in these mountains. They're still just as amazing as I remember, though these recent photos do a much better job of capturing just how beautiful it really is. One of these days I need to head back there with Charlotte.
Is that a moose I see?
Then it's over to Yellowstone. Charlotte was mostly amazed by the crazy crowds sitting around waiting for Old Faithful to blow.
And there she blows.
Nothing left to see here, everyone please move along.
Definitely moose. Though I like the sounds of mooses better.
The historic old trail town in Cody was very interesting. A few famous names have passed through this place.