Costanoa on the coast with Charlotte
August 7, 2008
Our first day on the coast included a couple of very nice hikes. Today we're heading south along the coast towards Ano Neuvo. Looks like we'll be able to hike the whole way on the beach!
Unfortunately when we finally got to this rock outcropping, a number of posted signs warned us not to enter. I was really looking forward to walking all the way to the point across from the island.
A friendly seagull let me take his picture.
Normally I don't like when people pile rocks, but I do have to admit that this display was very tasteful.
A vulture circled us for a while.
It was fun to see the trees close up that we had seen yesterday from such a distance.
This Northern Harrier wasn't going to let me get close enough for a good photo. Looks like a 400mm lens might be in my future.
We decided to walk back along the cliff above the beach.
This little cove had the most amazing windswept sandstone features.
And a very nice assortment of wildlife including these birds and harbor seals.
Looks like this will be the best view of the island we'll be getting on this trip.
The beaches along the northern coast of Santa Cruz are all pretty spectacular. This one was long some high cliffs on our drive home. Now that was a nice way to spend a couple of days.