Yellowstone in winter
February 20, 2009
Another great day awaits in Yellowstone after yesterday's visit. Mark has been wanting to get a great photo of some coyotes. These two may have given him his opportunity, but yet again they are a bit too far away for my lens.
We did a beautiful snowshoe excursion out to the fork of the Yellowstone and Lamar rivers and spotted some fresh wolf tracks. I got my first nice closeup of a raven that waited patiently for any scraps we might accidently leave from our lunch.
A cold wind was blowing really hard today. I tried to catch an image of the blowing snow, but no luck. It's still a really beautiful scene.
The Soda Butte Creek area is turning out to be a great spot for bighorn sheep.
And I definitely love the Pebble Creek area. It's really hard not to use the word beautiful all the time in this place. Time to make a rush for Lamar Valley to catch the sunset.
I think this little bridge is one of Matt and Mark's favorite photo spots. It's easy to see why.