Another day in Death Valley
April 5, 2009
Yesterday we got to Death Valley kind of late, so we're off to the Mesquite Dunes bright and early this morning.
The dried mud along the way reminds me a bit of the trampled areas of snow during my trip to Yellowstone. Very cool.
Monica does a nice little dance on the edge of a sand dune.
A few of the big dunes are just ahead.
It is so much fun walking along the top edges of these dunes. There are so many tracks everywhere, but I hear they are all blown away pretty quickly.
It's hard to convey how beautiful and fun this place is. Makes me want to head for the dunes north of Santa Cruz.
The kids have the most fun running and rolling down the big dunes.
What a place!
A pretty flower in the desert to enjoy.
Heading south, we stop at the Old Harmony Borax Works on our way through Furnace Creek.
Then a nice walk up Golden Canyon.
Some happy RV campers.
Gabe was excited to visit the lowest point in the country. He was all excited to dig a hole and get lower than anyone else. Looks like a few other people have the same idea pretty regularly.
Farewell Death Valley, we'll be back again soon.
It seems like the fantastic landscape just keeps on going forever.
Tonight we'll be staying in Las Vegas. We'll meet up with Charlotte's sister Karen while she's in town with her friend. We had the massive buffet at Belagio's, though the massive line was no fun at all. Needless to say, a ridiculous amount of amazing food.