Sequoia and Kings Canyon road trip
May 31, 2009
We're heading out early this morning to get in a little hiking and sightseeing before we drive home later this afternnon. We really enjoyed staying at the Montecito Sequoia Lodge, and look forward to bringing the rest of the family on a future trip.
Yesterday was all about Kings Canyon, but today we're headed for Sequoia National Park.
We're headed up Moro Rock before the afternoon storms head this way.
I love hiking with my girls!
The light is pretty bad for photos, but the peaks in the distance call to the backpacker in me.
This was a nice short hike with a great view.
On the way back we have some fun at the Tunnel Log.
The flowering dogwood was just beautiful this time of year.
Then it's a peaceful walk around the Big Trees Trail.
Followed by a very busy walk along the Sherman Tree Trail. I'll take the previous trail any day.