Bootjack roadtrip - Salt Lake City to Gardiner
July 6, 2009
Following yesterday's long drive to Salt Lake City, the girls start with an early morning run at City Creek Canyon. Then a bit of exploring around the capital, including this cool looking eatery called Spoon Me. Pretty cool logo.
The billboards in Utah totally rock. A few other sights, but otherwise not much to see.
Rolling into Idaho, it's time for lunch and a frisbee break for Gracie. I'm sure Gracie was jealous of the awesome doggie trailer. Nice twist on the motorcycle sidecar approach.
The group rolled past our late friend Lyle Bissell's hometown. We really miss him.
And the amazing stuff just keeps on rolling by. Who would have thought there was a Potato Museum. It's Idaho baby, and Blackfoot has it going on!
Oh no, a flat tire! Nothing like burning a few hours dealing with this kind of crap in the middle of a huge road trip. Good think the folks in Idaho are awfully friendly and helpful.
I do think that the sight of the day has to go to this super cool Pontiac GTO. I'm thinking somewhere around 1966.
The traveling buddies finally roll into Montana and spectacular Yellowstone National Park.
First stop is the Beryl Spring area.
Then it's past Inspiration Point and Tower Junction on the way through the park to Gardiner.
There's always plenty of wildlife in Yellowstone, including deer, bison, moose, antelope, and elk. And sometimes people in wagons pulled by horses.