Hiking Zion with Charlotte
August 27, 2010
Charlotte and I are off for a big road trip to various national parks. Our first stop is Zion. After a long drive from Santa Cruz and a peaceful hotel night just outside the park, we head to the Angels Landing hike bright and early. The only problem is that it's actually dark outside when we start hiking. Let's just say we've got a few switchbacks to traverse before getting to the top of Scout Lookout.
Now that I get a view of the incredibly narrow and terrifying trail up the last bit to the top, I think I'll let Charlotte take it from here. It totally reminds me of that Half Dome hike many years ago.
Thanks to Charlotte for all the photos at the very top of Angels Landing. I'm glad I don't have to climb back down that peak.
We pass lots of hikers on their way up the switchbacks, and we've still got most of the day for more hiking!
We're plenty wary of the thunderstorm and flash flood warnings while we head up the Riverside Walk towards the narrows. Once you get your boots wet, it's actually tons of fun hiking in the river. We almost make it to the narrows before safety turns us around to head back.
We end the day with a nice drive up Highway 9 through the tunnels. On the way back, I spot a group of bighorn sheep, including this highly protective male looking after his family.